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Concrete Stenciling, Sydney, NSW

There is no better way to freshen up your outdoor or indoor area by adding stencil designs to your concrete installations and surfaces. This will provide your landscape or driveway with an eye catching design that will add appeal to your property. The process of stencilling will transform any dull concrete surface into a new eye catching structure. 

Resurfacing your concrete surfaces will allow you to modify your space without having to replace the complete structure. This will not only

provide a unique design, but it is an affordable solution for old concrete surfaces. We have stencils catering for different designs as there is

no idea or vision that we can not bring to life. Sydney concreting can provide classic and modern designs for your pavement, driveways and concrete structures.

The stencil can be customised according to specific designs, logos or branding. This means that you can have concrete that solely represents your business and your property. There are also brick and tile stencils that will create a unique look for your concrete floors and pavements. The use of stencils and texture rollers can give the concrete a more realistic look with the addition of texture skins.

The process begins with the initial preparation of the surfaces to be stencilled. This may involve repairs and cleaning before the stencils can be added to the fresh layer of concrete. The stencils are made out of

paper material that is waterproof and heat resistant. This allows for the

addition of various colours and gloss films to be placed on the surface whilst still maintaining the pattern and integrity of the stencils.

The stencils are placed individually and then aligned according to the desired pattern or plan. The stencils have to be aligned in a way that

will create a continuous pattern that does not look obscure or disassociated with the rest of your area.

Our team of licensed contractors will work with you to ensure that the stencilling process goes seamlessly. We strive to create designs and stencils that will flow with your interior and landscaping. Once the stencils have set and the pattern has taken effect, the stencils are then removed with meticulous care. The removal of the stencils will reveal the newly formed pattern and design on your concrete surface.

Stencilling can also be applied to existing concrete surfaces as well as newly paved concrete. There are various processes and options available that will allow you to modify your existing surface without having to pour a new layer of concrete. Our contractors and designers will work to meet all of your concrete stamping needs.

From installing our selection of stencils or designing customer made stencils, we have the best contractors in Sydney. We are trusted

as reliable and efficient concrete contractors in Sydney.

If you are looking to add detail and patterns to your concrete surfaces, contact us to make your booking.