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Spray on Concrete, Sydney, NSW

Spray on concrete has been used over the years to provide a layer of concrete to renovate a surface or to reinforce the surface. It is a resin-based cement material that is designed to improve the appearance by creating a new layer on concrete surfaces.

We have a variety of colours and finishes available that can be sprayed on top of your existing concrete surfaces. The coating can act as a modification to improve the state of the worn-out concrete or it can

be used as a protection measure to protect the concrete from harmful rays.

Some of the advantages of using spray on concrete include durability, heat

reflection and fade reduction and our team of experienced contractors can assess your property to determine if spray on concrete is the right solution for you. The spray can be used on roads, driveways, patios, schools, exposed aggregate, pools and stairs. The nature and ingredients of the spray on concrete allow it to be used on various surfaces without diminishing its properties.

There is no surface that our team can not transform and by using our services, you can trust that your project will be held in good hands. We stand as the top concreting contractors in Sydney and with our diverse selection of services you will not be disappointed. There is no job we can not do.

To enhance the look of your grey floors or to add another dimension of artistry or interest, spray concrete can be used to meet those very needs. The coating can also be used to elevate outdoor sporting grounds by adding a variety of colours and designs that are appealing to children.

Additionally, spray on concrete serves as a protection measure to help maintain the integrity of concrete surfaces over time.We offer a variety of colours, textures and finishes to give your surface more appeal. One of the most popular finishes that has been used on many Australian pavements, driveways and patios is the aggregate spray on concrete. This type of spray on concrete gives the surface an additional dimension by making it look like exposed aggregate. This is achieved by adding a variety of two or more colours to produce that effect. Spray on concrete can also be a layer of concrete that is sprayed over steel reinforcements to create a concrete layer for a building or structure. This is used in the building of various structures such as tunnels and pools.

The high velocity concrete is sprayed, and it creates a

protective layer and reinforces the structure by increasing strength and

durability. This spray on concrete is also known as "shotcrete" and it has been used throughout history to install concrete surfaces. It has many

benefits including reduced placement time, increased durability and strength and improved appearance.

We work closely with local councils and we follow the building regulations and standards to ensure that all concrete work and enhancements are all according to the relevant laws and regulations. Our licensed

contractors are well versed in the requirements for each property and structure that may require concrete placement. If you are looking for spray on concrete services, look no further and contact us today.