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Epoxy Flooring, Sydney, NSW

Epoxy flooring has become one of the most popular coatings

in residential and commercial properties. The adhesive property is designed to create high standard, non-slip areas. The coating can enhance the appeal of any concrete surface and it also stands as a protective barrier.

Epoxy materials are made from a mixture of resins and hardeners. These materials combine to form a polymer that is rigid, durable and resistant to wear. The material is designed to bond extremely well with concrete surfaces and other base layers. Epoxy floors are most commonly used in factories, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centres and more. They provide a rigid flooring that can withstand heavy loads and that can maintain its integrity over time. 

There is a diverse range of epoxy flooring materials and finishes that are available. With so many options you can rest assured knowing that your design will align with your vision. There is an option of getting the quartz

filled epoxy floor. This type of flooring is made from a mixture of epoxy resin with quartz grains. The resulting material is aesthetically pleasing, durable and slip resistant. It works well to give the flooring a unique and enhanced look. 

Self-levelling epoxy floors are also another type of flooring that is made from the epoxy mixture. This type of flooring is particularly used to address damaged or cracked concrete surfaces. This mixture is used to fill cracks and to create a smooth surface. It is used in repairs and in construction to identify work zones and more. 

Self-dispersing epoxy coating is used in areas that revive frequent weight load. This type has high mechanical strength and it is designed to withstand heavy loads. Like most of the types of epoxy it is slip resistant and it provides a rigid surface for various industries and properties. 

The strongest type of epoxy flooring material is the mortar epoxy coating. This is made from 100% solids epoxy and quartz. The mixture creates a strong and rigid material that can withstand heavy loads and wear and


We also provide anti static epoxy floors and epoxy flake floors. We understand that every environment and industry has unique

needs and that is why we have an extensive selection of epoxy floors to help us meet your individual needs. There is no challenge too big and we provide tailored services to bring your vision to life. 

Our team of qualified contractors and builders will conduct a free site inspection before the job to make sure that the coating used suits your space. They have acquired experience in different industries so they can advise on the best coating for your landscape and property. 

We have all the resources and expertise for all your Sydney epoxy coating services. Recognised as the top contractors in Sydney, our team is well equipped to help you install epoxy flooring on your surfaces.

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