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Sydney Concreting & Resurfacing

Concrete is one for the strongest building materials known to man. Made from a mixture of Portland cement, aggregate, sand and water to create a durable finish for any building project, we provide concreting services all across Sydney and we are trusted as one of the top concreters in Australia.

Our qualified team of builders and concrete contractors are well equipped to work on building and renovation projects, whether it is resurfacing a driveway or laying a foundation, we have the resources and expertise to help you meet your needs.

Concrete's affordability and durability has made it one of the commonly used materials in Australia for residential homes, industries and

corporate properties. The process of laying concrete requires support from an experienced contractor.

We have an experienced team of designers and contractors who are well versed in all aspects of concreting. Our Sydney concreting services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients. We always work to create finishes that are designed to last.

Specialising in a variety of services including concrete driveways, patios, epoxy flooring, ramps, concrete wall installation, concrete stencilling, polishing and more. We can create an aesthetically pleasing finish for your project with the help of our contractors and architects.

As reliable concreters in Sydney we seek to provide the best service to all our customers.

Concreting in Sydney

We provide general concreting services including driveway, concrete paving, patios, concrete walls and floor installations. There is no project

that is too big or too small for our licensed contractors to handle. Our concrete mixes are made from high quality materials and they are combined to create durable concrete, mixed with the utmost care and precision to create long lasting concrete finishes.

We also offer readily mixed concrete for various projects with concrete tailored to suit the job and the weather. Our highly qualified contractors are well trained to provide general concreting services in and around the Sydney areas. In the preparation of your property or landscape we ensure that the ground is leveled or filled so that the concrete is poured onto a smooth surface. We provide specialist services for the complex projects and major site preparations.

Concrete repair and renovation projects will allow you to maintain the standard of your concrete structure for years to follow. Though concrete is a durable material, it can wear out from the exposure to the harsh weather condition and climate and the Sydney Concreting team can repair any unwanted cracks that may arise in your concrete structure over time. We fix small cracks by cleaning out debris from the problem area and then adding concrete repair caulk.

Our repair and maintenance services will help you to maintain the integrity of your concrete structure. We have maintained a high standard and quality of work over the years and with our growing base of Sydney clients, we continue to service various building and renovation projects across this great city of ours. Our reputable team of contractors and builders are trusted and respected within the community. So if you’re in need of concreting work for your property, whether it's residential or commercial, call us today on 02 8069 9704.

Concrete Resurfacing

Damaged and worn-out concrete may need to be revamped and modified and this is done by the process of resurfacing the concrete. It involves the cleaning, repair and renovation of the damaged surface(s) giving your concrete a new and improved look and feel.

We use the highest grade of concreting materials and equipment and together with our concrete cleaning services, we can refurbish your surfaces and transform them to look brand new. We also provide treatments and coatings to reduce staining.

There are many ways in which your concrete can be resurfaced, and our team will ensure that you are well informed about the various options available to help meet your needs. The concrete surfaces can either be covered with a fresh new layer to brighten up the dullness or a complete replacement can be recommended where we find that the damage sustained is beyond repair.

If there is substantial damage on your concrete surface, we offer

replacement services that will allow us to install new concrete sections or

slabs. Our mixes are made from quality ingredients and we will guarantee

that the colour and texture match the rest of your concrete floor, slab, pathway or structure. With all the services and resources available we can provide a solution for for all your concrete issues, projects and renovation.

Resurfacing is an affordable solution that will allow you to revamp your surfaces without having to install new concrete.

If you are looking for concrete resurfacing services in Sydney contact us today to make a booking. We strive to bring only the highest quality service to all our customers.

Spray on Concrete

Spray on concrete is a polymer-based cement material that is designed to improve the appearance of a concrete surface by creating a new layer. It has been used over the years to provide a layer of concrete that is applied to renovate a surface or to reinforce the surface.

Its benefits include:

  • reduced placement time
  • increased durability and strength
  • improved appearance

With a wide selection of textures, colours and finishes available there is no limit to what we can create. The coating can act as a modification to improve the state of the worn-out concrete or used as a protection measure to protect the concrete from harmful rays.

Some of the advantages of using spray on concrete include durability, heat reflection and fade reduction.

The spray works well on roads, driveways, patios, schools, exposed aggregate, pools and stairs. The nature and ingredients of the spray on concrete allow it to be used on various surfaces and materials. The team will work closely with you to assess if spray on concrete is required for your building and installation project.

Spray on concrete can also be a layer of concrete that is sprayed over steel reinforcements to create a concrete layer for a building or structure.

Commonly used in the construction of tunnels and pools, the high velocity concrete is sprayed, creating a protective layer and reinforcing the structure by increasing strength and durability.

Spray on concrete is well known and it has been used throughout history to install and complement your concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy materials are made from a mixture of resins and hardeners designed to create high standard, non-slip areas. This type of flooring is mostly used in factories, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centres and anywhere where a non-slip surface is essential.

The coating works to modify the appeal of any dull concrete surface as well as acting as a protective barrier. The mixture combines to create a polymer that is rigid, durable and resistant to wear. The material is designed to bond extremely well with concrete surfaces and other base layers. 

There is a diverse range of epoxy flooring materials and finishes that we have available. With so many options you can rest assured knowing that your design will align with your vision.

Some of these include:

  • quartz filled epoxy
  • self-levelling epoxy floors
  • self-dispersing epoxy floors
  • mortar epoxy coating,
  • static epoxy floors
  • epoxy flake floors

We work to install epoxy flooring according to the needs and requirement of each environment and industry.

We customise each project by making use of our extensive selection of epoxy floors or creating custom finishes and mixes to suit your needs. We have all the resources and

expertise for all your Sydney epoxy coating needs.

Regarded as one of the top contractors in Sydney, we can help you install epoxy flooring on your concrete surfaces.

Concrete Stenciling

Liven up your landscape or interior design with the addition of concrete stencil patterns to your structures and surfaces.

This will provide your landscape or driveway with an eye catching design that will add appeal to your property. The process of stencilling will add an artistic edge to your concrete surfaces, allowing you to modify your space without having to replace the complete structure.

Providing classic designs and modern stencil

designs for your pavement, driveways and concrete structures.

These include brick and tile stencils that will create a unique look for your concrete floors

and pavements. The stencil can also be customised according to any specific

design, logo or monogram and is waterproof and heat resistant. This allows for the addition of various colours and gloss films to be placed on the surface whilst still maintaining the pattern of the stencils.

In preparation of the stencilling process we look for any damage to be repaired as well as thoroughly clean the surface before the stencils can be added to the fresh layer of concrete.

The stencils are then aligned according to the desired pattern or plan, aligned in a way that creates a continuous pattern.

We are determined to create designs that will flow with your interior and landscape design. Our contractors and designers will work to ensure that your needs are met, from the selection phase all the way to the installation phase.

Add a touch of class to your driveway or patio today in an affordable and simple manner with concrete stenciling done by professionals in the industry.

Concrete Polishing

Sometimes your concrete needs to be refreshed and given a new sparkle (and believe us, concrete can sparkle!), this is where concrete polishing can really help to freshen up some old and dull concrete. It is a multi-step process which consists of mechanically grounding the concrete with some serious abrasives consisting of different "grits" which gradually go down in abrasiveness as the process goes on which is similar to using sandpaper on wood to smooth it out. There is a difference between concrete polishing and concrete grinding, whereas the process is similar, however, polishing requires a few more steps and creates the "mirror" look of your concrete. Before any polishing work can be done, we must ensure that the concrete is cleaned and visual impurities are dealt with accordingly (such as cracks and chips, etc...). Safety is also essential, so face masks, gloves, safety goggles, ear plugs and protective clothing are all an integral part of the polishing routine.

Concrete polishing creates a beautiful contemporary finish in homes, warehouses and offices, providing that extra level of class to your property, Sydney Concreting have the expertise and the professionalism to transform your concrete today. Give us a call on 02 8069 9704 to get an idea of what we can do for you today.

Sydney Contemporary Home Entry with Polished Concrete
3D render of a bathroom with polished concrete to be built in a Sydney home